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  • Published on Aug 9, 2019

  • Winter Bear (2019) Actor : V Director : V Production of Film : Contents Creative @Big Hit Ent. *Original Track : Winter Bear - V BTS Official Homepage BTS Blog BTS Facebook
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    BTS BEING BTS 1 week ago

    We Purple You 1,000!

  • Vante
    Vante 22 hours ago

    "Imagine your face say hello to me and all the bad days are nothing to me"

  • Diario da Vitória

    Essa voz é tão maravilhosa, é tão calma e angelical, sem explicações, eu apenas amo Kim Taehyung e essa voz de anjo

  • Dina Hasha
    Dina Hasha 11 hours ago

    Who is here after watching the recent RUN episode?

  • taehyung's face gives me lifeu

    who's back here after the latest run ep when jimin gifted tae those two bears 😭💘

  • Valeria Mite
    Valeria Mite 1 week ago


  • Britney Taehyung95
    Britney Taehyung95 19 hours ago

    I’m here again after watched ARMYZIP omg Kim Taehyung with a gun ready to kill all of us holy shit

    ROSA DIAZ 15 hours ago

    I love this MV, it completely caught me. The voice, the melody, the images and the lyrics, absolutely everything gives me a deep warmth. The only thing I regret is that it doesn't last longer, ha ha ha. Thanks V for sharing something so special with ARMY.

  • Dark Rose
    Dark Rose 9 hours ago (edited)

    Why tf there is dislike button??? Ya'll better like it whoever disliked cuz here is nothing bad in this song, it's so perfect!!

  • Maridete Correia
    Maridete Correia 11 hours ago

    Amo essa múscia desde que nasci! Eu também era um Winter Bear,

  • puteri aleya
    puteri aleya 1 week ago

    how many

  • vincey muthukumar

    I love u v..I love you sooo much more than I love myself..even though BTS said love yourself..

  • Tata Hyun
    Tata Hyun 14 hours ago

    I'm coming here everyday, everynight, everyfree time, everytime I'm sad, when I feel happy, when someone pissed me off, when I'm mad, when I got a perfect score. In short, I love this song, And live for this.

  • Nefertari Winchester
    Nefertari Winchester 22 hours ago

    Tae’s voice is so angelic! So warm and sweet. :) Such a beautiful song and MV. I’m so happy for you, Taehyung!! :)

  • saybadbye
    saybadbye 6 hours ago

    Por dios, ¿cómo alguien puede tener una voz tan hermosa, suave y melodiosa?

  • Jilly
    Jilly 1 week ago

    Who loves Taehyung/V?

  • {Giih*Chan}
    {Giih*Chan} 1 day ago


  • Leiphrakpam Tina
    Leiphrakpam Tina 23 hours ago

    imagine dancing to this song with Ur lover on the night he propose you to marry him...😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 taetae😘

  • Sneha Anil
    Sneha Anil 9 hours ago

    This song reminds me of the drama Encounter with Park BoGum. Winter Bear has the same vibe.

  • Suga’s Sweg
    Suga’s Sweg 12 hours ago

    It’s raining and thundering outside rn and it makes this song more beautiful